Ready, Aim, Fire, Smile, Breathe, Reload

Creating and implementing an event of any magnitude has some fairly basic principals at its core. Like firing a weapon, you can't proceed properly with "Ready, Fire, Aim " or the target is likely missed or disaster occurs. Blue Dog knows the correct sequence to approach any event. We know all the parts and pieces and we know how to implement them. Most importantly, we do them with you. As a Blue Dog client, you are our partner. Smooth interaction at every step is key to success. No one wants a misfire. We need each other to make it the Best In Show.

Ready (Proposal Phase)

It all starts with a need for assistance, possibly a request for a proposal. You may be a novice at this, or you may be a very experienced full time employee with the primary obligation of leading your organization's corporate events, association activities or entertainment functions. In all cases significant interaction is required in the Ready phase. It is not merely a matter of submitting a proposaldocument and hoping for the best. It is the opening an opening of a sincere dialogue of numerous questions and answers to fully understand your needs. Only then can we all plan (and possibly re-plan several times) to meet those needs. In this phase, we are likely to provide answers to questions you have not thought about. This "getting ready" phase should have a lot of open conversation and information exchange. Submitting a proposal is not merely offering a document and hoping for the best. To prepare a complete proposal requires a

Aim (Planning Phase)

We then enter that phase of developing the specific action items to achieve all your goals. This might include presenting concepts and alternatives to fine tune the event. We have the technology to simulate facility and stage layouts, cost analysis and project schedules for each component of your event. With a clear set of action items agreed to, we can assemble all necessary personnel, tools, talents and equipment. We arrange the entire delivery and installation in a timely fashion on site. Superior planning in necessary to perfect the aim of producing the best possible event.

Fire (Implementation Phase)

Well, here we are at the site or venue with the best Audio, Lighting and Production skills in the industry. We understand your needs and we have planned all phases. We are now actually implementing the function. Because we have all planned in great detail and have even developed contingency action plans, all goes smoothly. At least it seems that way to the audience or conference participants. In actuality, Blue Dog personnel have the necessary experience, calmness and action orientation to "pull it off without a hitch"

Breathe (Post- Event Review)

There is always a sigh of relief at the end of a successful event. It is a sense of accomplishment for the entire team. Our team as well as yours. Unfortunately this is a very short segment of the overall project. It is not the end. Even though we may all be "loading out" from this event it is time to reload for the next activity.

Reload (Follow up)

After "finishing" this process, there is always another activity to draw our attention. Off to a new venue. Back to work. It's a new day. However, following the event, Blue Dog will even present a Post Event Summary. We answer more questions. What should we do next time? Are there even better ideas that came from this event? It is our belief that we must immediately begin to to help our client prepare for the next function. It could be the same process in a week at a new location, or it could be the next annual event. It doesn't matter. We want to continue the relationship with the goal of learning form each other and continuously improving. The next event will be an even better " Best In Show".

Blue Dog Value

Your Success is Our Number One Goal

You probably already have a vision for your event– -We want to help you make it a reality. More importantly, our goal is to make you and your organization shine. When you choose Blue Dog Productions, you are selecting an extremely competent and dedicated partner who is dedicated to you and the success of your event. We are a select team of professionals who pride ourselves in our attention to detail and creative talents. We utilize a friendly, consulting approach from the initial contact through the conclusion of your event.

Cost Optimization

A great production is what we all want. Doing it within budget constraints is an absolute need for any operation. As we team up to plan your event , we will bring our expertise to help you select the optimal design, equipment and production methods for your event. Blue Dog Productions is an outstanding partner who knows that you are in charge of the budget. We will identify the "absolutely must haves" for your needs. We will also advise you on trade-offs to achieve cost savings. We will develope detailed pricing alternatives for each element of your event. When the event is completed, you will have no surprise charges or fees. If your requirements don't change, your invoice will exactly equal our quotation.

"Best in Show" Event Execution

Blue Dog Productions selected the motto "Best in Show" to earn and promote our company's basic principle. We have the best creative talent, the best management and production skills and the best attitude necessary to make your event the very best show possible. There is simply no room for error in producing a high impact show or event. We know it. We preach it. We practice it. We are proud of the reputation that we have achieved and we are confident that we can also earn your respect for being the "Best In Show"


Why should we use Blue Dog Productions ?

Blue Dog views each client as a true partner and we want that partner to shine with us as we create the best possible event for your requirements. We have the experience and the network of talent for any size or type of function you require. We enjoy our reputation as “Best In Show” and are always striving to improve it for you.

Can Blue Dog work with other service companies or my in house event staff?

It is very common for us to plan along with an in house staff or work alongside a third party company that provides some specialty services. We are comfortable in all teamwork circumstances and welcome any such opportunity.

Can Blue Dog handle multiple events at multiple locations?

Certainly. We have had situations where we have to handle multiple events for a single organization at a series of locations. We have had situations were events are simulcast to various locations. We have covered a variety of events for the same company at the same time or in sequence. We have planned, and produced large and small events at several locations simultaneously. As in anything, there may be a limit of size, number and scope of events for us to handle at one time but we haven’t reached it.

How can Blue Dog manage so many different events and shows?

Experience, Planning and Network is the easy answer. In fact, it is the only answer. Blue Dog has all three of these elements and we couldn’t be so successful without them.

Is there any size limitation, scope limitation or type of event that Blue Dog is not interested in?

We haven’t found one yet. Chances are that we have already done any size or type of event or show that you are considering. If we haven’t, then we would enjoy the challenge of bringing our experience to a new venture.

Does Blue Dog have any geographic limitations?

We have worked in all States but Alaska and on all continents except Antarctica. Maybe we avoid extreme cold, but it would be interesting to participate in an event at either of these locations.

Can Blue Dog make the entire process enjoyable?

Obviously one goal of any event, conference, show or production is to provide an enjoyable experience for the attendees. However, it is very clear to all of us at Blue Dog that there can be very strenuous moments in the planning process and behind the scenes. Every one of our employees and Blue Dog Certified Partners are screened to have a positive, friendly, engaging attitude and strong organization skills. We believe that these attributes are absolutely essential to the entire process of implementing these complex activities. Every one of our clients immediately notices the difference in attitude that Blue Dog brings to the function. The event and the process should both be enjoyable.

What “different things” can Blue Dog do that others can’t?

If you search long enough and hard enough, we believe that you can find someone to Plan It Quickly, Create a Mood, Make It Brighter, Flashier, Louder, Quieter, Move It Fast, Hire Magicians, Vocalists, Ventriloquists, Hypnotists or String Quartets, Make It Fly, Blow It Up or Make It Disappear. Blue Dog is “Different” because we can do all those things, without a hitch, in a cost effective, friendly manner and already have….. and more.