Concept & Planning

  • With you from the beginning

    Blue Dog has a reputation for “saving the day” and “bailing out” plans developed by previous Production companies. It is not our preference to be in that position. We prefer to work with you from the very early stages of your planning activities. We want to help you with the initial concept. This includes selecting the right location, designing the floor and stage layout, the acoustics, the flow of the room, the procession of speakers, and displays if needed. These are only a few of the needs that Blue Dog can satisfy. It is always our hope to listen to what you need, then set the wheels in motion to make it all happen. We have the experience to share with you that can save time and money and help you sleep at night. Whether you need Event Planning, Conference Management, Production Services or any of the many high quality services that we can provide for your event, we ask that you get Blue Dog involved from the very beginning. We will create the “Best In Show” together.

  • Plan the Work…. Work the Plan

    It is not simply a cliche. Blue Dog understands the value of planning. Doubling the time devoted to early planning will save a great amount of time later. We know this from our real experiences. But here is a twist. Because we have so much experience, it actually takes us less time to complete the plan and the work to carry out the plan. We know most of the pitfalls. We pay attention to the details. We prepare for contingencies. We have the routines on paper and in our heads. It is our version of muscle memory. Some things that take forever for less experienced Event Planners, Conference Managers and Production Companies are almost automatic for Blue Dog Productions.

  • Big or Small

    All events are obviously different. They can vary greatly in size. They can be conservative or flashy. They are in many locations. They can “build” on a prior event or can be concurrent with other events, etc. Blue Dog Productions certainly enjoys the variety of the challenges offered in each event. However, we really do understand that every event is critical to each of our clients. No matter the size or scope, we know the meaning of our own motto …. “Best in Show”. Every one of our productions, regardless of type or size or location, will be handled with the highest level of quality and professionalism to ensure that we continue to deserve our motto.

Event Production

Blue Dog Productions has the proven experience and skills to handle every component necessary to plan, manage and produce your event. We have the creativity and drive needed to take complete control or to assist your personel or partners in all phases of a production.

Our team will make you and your team look good at all corporate events, executive conferences, client promotions, award programs and multimedia presentations.

  • Planning Early Phase

    Event Conceptualizing, Presentation Coaching, Speech Writing, Production Design, Promotional Campaign, Site Selection, Talent Selection, Logistics Planning, Site Negotiations


    Graphic Design, Art Direction, Set Design, Animation, Team Building, Audio Creation/Selection, Print Design, Creative Video, Media Selection


    Stage Layout, Workshop Support, Equipment Selection, Labor Selection, Registration, Total Event Setup, Rehearsal Management, Travel Management, Food & Beverage


    Technical Direction, Audio Production, Lighting Effects, Video Production, Speaker Co-ordination, Post Show Review, Hospitality Support, Show Direction, Special Effects

Conference Management

Expanded Scope Capability with Pre-Event Planning, On-Site Production and Follow-up

Blue Dog Productions understands the significant effort that it takes to produce an event of the highest quality. We see all aspects of complete Event Planning, Conference Management and Project Implementation. Some clients prefer that we accept additional responsibility for activities beyond traditional Event Production. With our long term experience and strong partnership network, we can aid in the design or take full responsibility for any and all components of a complete event. This unique capability presents a clear opportunity to offer significant cost savings resulting from efficiencies of co-ordination on all phases of the event.

Conference and Event Management Services

 Blue Dog Productions has extensive experience in Event Production. Because of this experience, we have created a strong network of relationships with Event Planners Talented Service Providers in the Conference Management and Entertainment Industries. Should you require guidance or support in any aspect of the broader industry we will be glad to provide it. If you prefer, we can also work with these Event Planners to offer an “Expanded Scope” Proposal to include needed services for your event.Our highly experienced team has all the skills necessary to Plan and Implement your Sales Meetings, Management Conferences and User Conferences. The following is a summary of Pre-meeting, On-site and Post-event services offered. With our extensive experience in this industry and the creation of our Blue Dog Quality Certification network, we are able to provide virtually any service you require to create the highest possible quality and most memorable event imaginable.

 We can work with our partnership network to help you with and or all of the following Conference Planning Services and more.

  • Hotel and Venue Site Selection
  • Concept Planning
  • AV Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Space Logistics
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Conference Management
  • Exhibit Sales
  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Planning Support
  • Exhibit Management
  • Deliver Meeting Materials
  • General Project Management
  • Speaker Selection & Management
  • Graphic Support
  • Housing and Registration
  • Social Networking Technology
  • VIP Services
  • Committee Meeting Facilitation
  • Incentive Program Management
  • Ground Transportation
  • Marketing Design
  • Publications
  • Airline Group Rates
  • Off-site Venue Selection
  • Entertainment Research
  • Post Event Survey
  • Tear Down and Return
  • Special Requests Handling
  • Anything Else