Blue Dog Productions understands the value of partnerships in the industry that we serve. We foster solid partnerships and use these relationships to enable us to offer the best possible services to our clients. In particular, there are three forms of partnerships that we have created and wish to expand.

Event Planning Partnership

Many of our clients request our input on who might be the best alternative for their Event Planning needs. In some instances we are even called upon to secure an event planning organization to provide a joint proposal for our combined services. Because of our extensive experience we have established relationships with several event planning organizations and individuals. We are always seeking additional Event Planners for our needs and those of our clients. Should you wish to be included in these discussions or wish to partner with Blue Dog Productions on your vents, please provide a brief request and contact information below so that we can begin a dialogue.

Specialty Service Provider Partnership

Blue Dog Productions serves several markets in multiple geographies and venues. Creativity in Event Production is a continually growing and changing process. We continue to seek out and apply the best and often unique services to be incorporated into our productions. If you wish to Partner with Blue Dog Productions to utilize your unique service or promote it to Blue Dog clients, please provide your contact information below along with a brief description. This will enable us to connect with you to establish a course of action.

Service Technician Partnership

Managing multiple production events requires that we utilize and know the availability of the best technical talent in multiple disciplines …Audio, Video, Lighting and Production Management. Over the years we have identified and nurtured relationships with a great number of talented technicians across North America and several International locations. We have established a Blue Dog Certification process that enables is to identify the “best of the best” technicians available for each Blue Dog Produced event in any given area or venue.

The process also enables us to keep these technicians informed of events in their area and aid the planning process in the far reaching industry. We hope you will consider partnering with us
by submitting the brief contact sheet below. This will enable us to make the earliest possible contact when services are needed.